USOC Red Bulls 3 - Colorado 0 Recap

The Baby Bulls beat the Rapids. Wolyniec gets another double, Chinn continues his GAG pace in the USOC. Metro joins Seattle, Chicago, Chivas, The Crew, The Dynamo, The Galaxy and the winner of next Wednesday's DC - RSL match in the USOC. I got a front row view of the game from Section 128, it was an amazing night. Lets break it down.


The Good:

John Wolyniec - The old man just keeps on scoring, getting the man of the match along the way.


Irving Garcia - Pure motor. He was great on and off the ball. His tireless work set up Wolyniec's first goal and created countless other opportunities in the first half. With this game and his effort against Juve on Sunday he is coming into his own. Not bad for a 4th rounder.

Tony Tchani - Another one of the young guys coming into his own. He's learning how to use his body to his advantage and it should only be a matter of time before he's a regular in the 1st team. Single handedly set up Woly's second goal. He will be a beast in the center midfield.

Luke Sassano - Had a shaky first 5 minutes, but calmed down and played a solid center back for the rest of the game.

Greg Sutton - Got the clean sheet. And his best save didn't even count as the Rapids player was offsides.

Joel Lindpere - Yes, I know he didn't play. He wasn't even on the Subs bench. But before the game, he was in the Merch shop, talking with fans, taking photos, smiling and having a good time. Good move on his part that on a night he wasn't playing that he was still visible to the fanbase. When asked why he wasn't playing tonight, he responded "Well, I wanted to but he (Backe) said the league was more important. So I'm out tonight." The dude gets it.

The Bad:

Jeremy Hall - Playing on the left side of the midfield, looked disinterested at times and looked invisible in the second half.

Connor Chinn - Yes, I know he scored a goal but spent 80% of the game offsides and like Hall didn't seem to want to be there most of the time.

The Ugly:

Danny Earls - The young Irishman had a tough night. ESC and most of the fans decided he was going to be their whipping boy. He was booed every time he touched the ball. It obviously got to him as he was sent off late in the game for an ugly frustration tackle on Sinisa.

Bon Jovi/NYSDOT - Thanks to Mr. Bovine Jovi's concert at the new Meadowlands arena and the New York State Department of transportation's decision to close 2 out of 3 lanes on I-87 a trip that usually runs me an hour or so was a solid 3 tonight.


Since the late arrival tonight and the fact I will be on the road beginning tomorrow to Monday I won't be able to get to my View from the Seats post I wanted to do until I'm back but it'll be good. It was the first and probably last time I will ever get front row seats at RBA.

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