Ives Drops A Bomb Shell

Nick Laham

The well-sourced proprietor of Soccer By Ives gets into the nitty-gritty of a, reportedly, dysfunctional team.

Thursday night's loss marked the end of the season.

It also marked the beginning of what looks like off-season drama that's going to consume all things Red Bull New York.

We already knew some of it: It took the team less than 24 hours to decide another year of Hans Backe wasn't for them and to hire Andy Roxburgh to run the soccer side of things. Erik Soler was already on the way out, being demoted to an "advisor" role that he might not have even been doing. Not to mention Soler was roundly criticized by staff before his demotion/firing.

But now we get a more vivid picture of what's been going on in Red Bulls land thanks to Ives Galarcep writing at his eponymous site, Soccer By Ives.

The highlights:

  • Wilman Conde's "personal issues" were really a team-sanctioned exile from the side after blowing up on Thierry Henry, Rafael Marquez and Backe after the team's 2-0 loss to the Chicago Fire. It was the team's first home loss and Conde's last appearance in Red Bulls kit. Galarcep said it's likely Conde's time in New York is over.
  • Marquez and Backe's blow up in D.C.? Galarcep wasn't believing the calf strain story. Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer has the scoop on that one: Marquez might've upset about his injury, one that's plagued him all season, but was even more upset that Backe chose to replace the Mexican international with Roy Miller.
  • Galarcep identifies Backe's "hands-off approach" with creating a leadership void.
  • He also says in not-so-many words that it's likely there will be a ton of turnover this off-season. Unfortunate, since this team has so many pieces.
  • Probably the most troublesome: Darren Dein, Henry's agent and reported best friend, is apparently one of the men tasked with turning the team around. Dein's influence isn't even behind-the-scenes. He's, apparently, been spotted all over Red Bull Arena, even the locker rooms post-game.

The entire thing is worth a read and paints a sad picture of the state of the team.

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