Well... Yeah, If You Could That'd Be Great

Hey, Rafa, do us a favor and don't get suspended again? Like, could you not try and play dodgeball post-game and not break another collarbone this year? Thanks!

I think this headline from the New York Post's soccer blog says it all...

Red Bulls tell Marquez to stop getting suspended

Well...yeah. You would hope.

If you remember, back in April Erik Soler joined the chorus of just about anyone with half a brain, a pulse and has watched a Red Bulls game over the past year, publicly said Rafael Marquez's antics were hurting the team.

God forbid the guy who's cutting a $4.6 million yearly check to a guy to play soccer would actually want him to play soccer.

But what's a bit worse here is that the story even got written. Not from a "this is shitty journalism" standpoint, since the Post's soccer blog seems to function more as a reporter's notebook than anything else (that and Brian Lewis is great at his job), but that the perception is out there that the Red Bulls organization is in such disrepair that this story even needs to get written way.

It's not as if Soler hasn't addressed other, significantly more important issues recently. He's talked about how the Bulls have whittled down their DP search to one player and how the team has to weigh acquiring depth with signing a new DP, but that the Front Office telling Marquez that he's better off doing his job is a salient talking point.

Not that fans shouldn't be hard on the guys who run their team -- and especially with this team, they've earned it -- but it's a little off-putting that the perception has become so bad we don't even think the General Manager would sit down with one of his highest-priced players to tell him to chill out. Are we really at the point where we believe this is how far the ineptitude goes?

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