Week 13: Recapping the Red Bulls-Crew

It was easy to forget there was a game this week, and the Red Bulls played like they did.

May 26, 2013: Red Bulls 2, Columbus Crew 2

With the New York City FC announcement, the start of the Open Cup and the Robbie Rogers news, it was easy to forget that there was soccer to be played this weekend. But there was, and you'd hardly believe the Red Bulls knew about it.

They got out of the game with a point, but that point only came after some late game theatrics. For most of the game, it looked like the Red Bulls forgot there was a game.

The Red Bulls went down early, and got one back before the half thanks to Thierry Henry. Then, Columbus was awarded a questionable penalty that Fredrico Higuain slipped past Luis Robles. Jamison Olave in stoppage time to bring it level, and both Tim Cahill and Juninho had to chance to secure all three points late, but couldn't put the ball into the net.

It was a game the Red Bulls shouldn't have needed a stoppage time goal to win, but they did, and here we are.


  • It needs to be said: The Red Bulls fleeced Real Salt Lake with the Fabian Espindola-Olave trade.
  • The Red Bulls' unbeaten streak extends to seven games.


  • That penalty wasn't much of a penalty and Kosuke Kimura said the ref told him his view of the play was obstructed. Justin Meram shanked the kick, but that wasn't Kimura's fault -- it happened before the contact.
  • Speaking of penalties and the Crew: The last time the Crew and Red Bulls met Robles stoned Higuain on the penalty and it was right back Brandon Barklage who put him on the spot. Yesterday it was a different right back.
  • The Red Bulls didn't look prepared, and Mike Petke admitted as much to MSG.
  • Is it just me, or do the Red Bulls look less than comfortable at home?

Notable Quotes

Kimura, via Empire of Soccer...

"I even talked to the referee after the game and he said ‘hey Kosuke, It was a tough one to call, I couldn't really have a good sight.'"

Mike Petke, via New York Post...

"I have my checkbook out and I'm ready for whatever MLS does fine me - it's not good enough from the referees. It's not good enough," said Petke. "I watched the replay of the penalty of what I already knew to be not a penalty and it backed it up. He misses the ball, the player, misses it, and then there is contact from the side.

"That's a guy in my estimation who is probably getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend, who wants to be a part of the show. I could care less what the league fines me or what they say. Those decisions, those type of things cost jobs...I'm pissed off...I'm not blaming the refs for us not winning. I don't think we did enough to win. (But) to give them that PK call? Shocking."

Relevant Stats

Red Bulls Statistic Crew
14 Attempts on Goal 10
8 Corners 1
11 Fouls 9
28 Crosses 15
76% Passing Accuracy 72%
60.4% Possession 39.6%


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