Markus, We're Not So Different, You and I...

Mike Stobe

Markus Holgersson's blog is back and it's interesting to see how little his opinions differ from ours.

When he writes it, Markus Holgersson's blog can be pretty revealing. Back in November, he put finger to keyboard to bring us an insider's take on the firing squad that saw the Red Bulls' roster parsed down considerably after the playoff loss to D.C. United.

Saturday, Holgersson penned another post about the Red Bulls' summer and it's interesting to see that the Swedish defender thinks a lot like the fans.

On the schedule...

However, I still have not been able to figure out what league officials are doing with the game schedule. Seven rounds left for our part in the Red Bulls, but several of the other teams have not played as many games as us, so the standings are very difficult to interpret at the moment.

On fancy playoff math...

As of today there are seven games (or six) left for Red Bull-to be specific, so the first playoff game is less than two months away. In the Eastern Division where we play, seven teams are within a very small point difference and fighting for five playoff spots as you can see in the table below. Every game counts. ... At this point of the season, the fans want to focus on the stats, compare schedules and thus figure out the conditions to determine whole advance. Instead, it's a bit shaky because some teams have played more games than others for example we are ahead two games than a few other teams.

On team cohesion...

For us in Red Bulls one of our biggest problem had been our game-plan. We have not consistently worked as a unit, especially when we went down by a goal in the games. Defensively, we have been able to pacify relatively well. With two solid blocks of four close together, and most of the time around the penalty area, we have been able to deny plays with an aggressive defense and the mindset of always protect each other's backs. However, our defense game has suffered in recent matches. We have suffered quite a few injuries which has led to many changes from match to match. And so I have played the right back position for one match which I haven't played in about two years. It felt good to see the right back spot again. Whenever there are so many injuries and changes, it is important to have a game-plan where each player knows what is required of him individually and as teams.

On Tim Cahill's season...

Tim Cahill has been a tremendous asset for us this season. His main game is phenomenal and he is lethal in the penalty area where he score goal after goal with headers.

On Thierry Henry's leadership...

After the Kansas game, we gather all the players in a circle in the middle of the pitch. Henry said a few words, and ended by saying : " This was a hard fighting game we won, but a hell of a crappy match and no further good play on our part ."

Conclusion: to win is not enough, we have to entertain the spectators also.

On the "penalties" against the Red Bulls...

Penalties against the Red Bulls have been a significant pattern this summer. Four pieces of which are questionable. But it evens out in the end... Or does it really?

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