RBNY Power Rankings - Week 12/13

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After 1 point in two games, are the power rankings in for a major shake up?

Each week, myself, Matt Coyne, Tim Dean, Austin Fido, and you the fans will be able to rank the New York Red Bulls squad from best to worst. As you can see by the table below, the math for this is pretty simple. The four Once a Metro writers get a vote, and we add a fifth collective fan vote. We take a straight average of the votes, and rank the players accordingly. The Once a Metro staff also adds comments about each player, and I'll give some thoughts on how things shook out later in the article.

For the table, here's the initials you need to know:

  • JI - Jason Iapicco
  • TD - Tim dean
  • MC - Matt Coyne
  • AF - Austin Fido

Fan Vote from Week 12/13 can be found here.


Rank Player Change Jason Tim Matt Austin Fans Average Comments
1 Thierry Henry 0 2 2 1 2 4 2.2 JI - I don't know who can do what he does for this team. He'll be missed when he's covering the World Cup.
2 Bradley Wright-Phillips 0 1 1 2 1 7 2.4 MC - He's cooled off, and missed a few easy ones, but he's still tops in the league in scoring.
3 Lloyd Sam 0 3 6 3 6 2 4 MC - Sam is still shining, even if the rest of the team is floundering.
4 Jámison Olave 0 5 4 7 5 1 4.4 JI - Olave still has it, he just needs a centerback partner that also has it.
5 Péguy Luyindula 3 4 3 5 3 12 5.4 AF - His recent absence has highlighted his importance.
6 Luis Robles -1 7 5 4 4 8 5.6 JI - Had some bad luck against Portland, but he's been a little off of his game lately.
7 Chris Duvall 5 6 7 10 8 3 6.8 JI - Could be the Red Bulls answer at Right Back. For the time being, he should be starting of Kimura.
8 Dax McCarty 1 8 8 6 7 6 7 AF - A cryptic tweet suggesting he might be about to leave the club (or at least spend some time in the physio room) brought all complaints about Dax's 2014 form into perspective. Even if he's a little off his game, RBNY needs Dax.
9 Bobby Convey 4 9 13 13 12 5 10.4 TD - Convey hasn't been awful at filling in for during Roy Miller's absence...but he hasn't been good either. Mostly, we just forget he's actually on the pitch.
10 Eric Alexander -3 12 11 9 10 11 10.6 TD - If Alexander went ahead and took the first time shot, he'd have at least three goals on the season. As it stands, he's been way too gunshine.
11 Roy Miller -5 13 9 8 15 10 11 TD - Roy Miller's absence has been deafening. It's obvious that RBNY's attack is suffering without the Costa Rican defender bombing up the left flank.
12 Ibrahim Sekagya 4 10 - 11 9 17 11.75 MC - Was solid against SKC. WIth the Red Bulls defense in shambles, they need somebody to step up. Could it be Sekagya?
13 Jonny Steele -3 11 12 12 13 15 12.6 AF - A rare start against Portland reminded RBNY of what it's been missing on the left: an all-go, never-stop-trying-to-score livewire.
14 Armando -3 14 10 14 11 16 13 AF - Surprisingly benched against KC, since he appeared to be a Petke favorite; equally surprisingly returned to the pitch after Sekagya benched himself. Olave's presumed absence means he will start against New England, but is he still a starter in July?
15 Ruben Bover - 15 15 15 14 13 14.4 MC - He looks good off the bench. Then he gets a chance in the XI and some of the luster wears off.
16 Kosuke Kimura -2 17 16 16 17 9 15 TD - oof.
17 Tim Cahill -2 16 14 17 16 14 15.4 AF - Have a good World Cup, come back fit and ready to rise up these rankings, Mr. Cahill.



  • Biggest Jump: Chris Duvall (+5)
  • Biggest Drop: Roy Miller (-5)
  • Chris Duvall has shown well in his first 3 appearances, and has done well in the ratings, jumping to #7 after coming in at #12.
  • Fans gave Bobby Convey much more credit (#5) than the OaM writers (average of 11.75).
  • On the opposite side from Convey, the fans were much harsher to Sekagya (17) than the OaM staff (10).
  • The top 4 (Henry, BWP, Lloyd Sam, Olave) all stayed in their respective positions for a second week. The first time all year this has happened.

What do you think of how the staff voted? Think we were too harsh/lenient? Think the rankings are good or bad? Let us know in the comments.

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