New York Red Bulls Statistical Preview

The New York Red Bulls have some of the most fascinating stats in MLS over the last two years. I delve into the numbers to try to figure out, are they just riding a run of fortune that will probably stop in 2014? Or are they for real?

All the Right Moves (So Far)

Jerome de Bontin and Andy Roxburgh have talked the talk so to speak. Here's hoping they can walk the walk.

Banging Our Heads Against A Wall

In a way, Chivas USA and the Red Bulls are dysfunctional kindred spirits.

Last Night In Bullet Points

Before trying to swallow the whole thing, let's get last night's game down in bullet points.

The Biggest of Big Games

Ok, guys. I know I've said "big game" a lot this year, but hear me out. It really is this time.


Well, It Wasn't Pretty

The Red Bulls 1-1 draw wasn't pretty, but it seems like it's all going according to plan.

Finishing With A Bang

Saturday's 3-0 win over the Philadelphia Union ended the season on a high note. Now, we're on to the playoffs.

The Playoff Scenarios

There are a lot. Just bear with me.

Beep, Beep, Beep

That's the sound of the Red Bulls backing into the playoffs.

Hans Backe Not Coming Back and No One's Shocked

Backe told Swedish media his contract won't be renewed, but is anyone surprised?


Who's Earning Their Keep, Who's Not

The MLS Players Union released the newest salary data. We take a look at who's earning their money and who's not.

Where We Were, One Year Ago

The Red Bulls head into the weekend in a different situation than last year, but the same opponent and (what should be) the same message.

The Rafa Marquez Conundrum

Is Rafa Marquez really such a bad guy? Or is he just misunderstood? How much of our disdain is perception, and not reality?

The New York Red Bulls Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Some bullet points of rage.

Red Bulls Don't Want to Concede Early, But Just How Many Times Have They?

Spoiler: The Red Bulls have conceded early a lot of times this season.

By All Accounts, Marquez's Return a Good One

Marquez's return a positive, at least in the locker room.

Putting Last Night's Draw in Context, and Not Necessarily a Good One

Another bad road game in a season of them for the Red Bulls, but the stats tell an even more troubling story.

Last Week Was a Bigger Week For the Red Bulls Than You Might Think

Three points Sunday put the Red Bulls right back in the thick of things in the Supporters Shield race.

Chris Heck is Out as President for Business Operations

A quick examination of the demise of Red Bulls public enemy number one.

So We're in for Kaka, too? Or How You Need to Start Hiring Red Bulls Beat Writers

Marquez is on his way out! Kaka is coming! We're the greatest team ever! Pump the breaks there, bro.

Tim Cahill: A Rundown of Reactions

Who's saying what about Tim Cahill's move to the Red Bulls.

Story Lines Abound Heading into Saturday

Check out all the story lines, plus the most important one, ahead of the Red Bulls' weekend match-up against the Philadelphia Union.

The Brandon Barklage Show and Evaluating the Roster

How a D.C. castoff made a fan favorite expendable and how that made the Red Bulls a better team.

Red Bulls Get Scoring From Everywhere... But is That a Good Thing?

The Red Bulls are getting scoring from everywhere, but is that a good thing?

Rafa Marquez, Heath Pearce and the Captain's Armband

Marquez didn't get the captains armband Sunday. Does it mean anything or are we just being a blog?

Eric Wynalda, the USL and the NASL Just Raised a Gigantic Middle Finger to MLS

Eric Wynalda, the USL and the NASL just raised a gigantic middle finger to MLS in the Open Cup the other night.

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