The View From 133

Now What?


With a Head Coach announcement expected later this week, the off-season focus shifts back to open roster spots for the New York Red Bulls.

You've Got to Be Le Kidding Me


Kenny Cooper, the New York Red Bulls' leading goal scorer, was left out of Hans Backe's starting lineup for the 2-0 defeat against the Houston Dynamo last Friday. Was this Backe giving Cooper a...

Sold Out: An In-Season New York Red Bulls FAQ for the Casual Fan


With news of Sunday's match against DC United being sold out, a quick in-season FAQ for the less tenacious New York Red Bull fans who may be making their first trip to Harrison in 2012.

Righteous Indignation and the U.S. Open Cup


The Portland Timbers pretty much just made a mockery of the U.S. Open Cup.

New York Red Bulls Still Have Lots of Roster Spots to Fill


An overview of how the New York Red Bulls roster stacks up to other MLS clubs early on during what should be a busy transfer window for the club.

Happy Festivus, Once A Metro Readers! (Other Holidays Are Available)


It's that time of year again! Break out your aluminum poles, get ready to air some grievances, warm up for the feats of strength -- and there may even be a Festivus miracle. The Festivus Pole(s) T...

Anybody Want a Fake Shirt?


Who wants a fake shirt to go along with your fake team? Anybody?

The Dueling Narratives of Red Bull Arena and Pro Sports Rent Seeking


Was Red Bull Arena a good bet? Or a drain on Harrison's finances? Or none of the above?

The Case for Rafa Marquez


Rafa Marquez has come under fire for subpar performances on the field and his comments about his teammates off the field. Are we missing a bigger picture jumping on the anti-Rafa bandwagon too...

I Never Knew Draws Came in So Many Flavors...


A look at all the different kinds of draws an MLS team can amass over the course of a season.

With Eight Games To Go, The New York Red Bulls' Season Feels Over Already


The New York Red Bulls, a squad that was hailed by some (well, me) as the best starting XI in the history of MLS earlier this year, face a task that would have been unthinkable at the end of April:...

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