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Stars Will Sit In Red Bull Arena Opening

The best players on their respective teams will both sit out this Saturday night's exhibition match between the Red Bulls and Brazilian side Santos FC. Red Bulls' captain and forward Juan Pablo Angel and Santos FC forward Robinho have both been ruled out of the match due to injuries. Angel is still recovering from a left knee injury that he suffered at the hands of Julian De Guzman's awful late tackle over two weeks ago in Florida. Robinho is nursing a thigh muscle injury he suffered in this past weekend's league match against Palmeiras.

The game is obviously a friendly, and honestly, the night is all about Red Bull Arena. The game is already sold out, and you won't see people ditch their tickets because they can't see Robinho or Angel play (although the local Brazilian population will surely be disappointed in Robinho's absence). But people, Red Bulls fans especially, have been dying to walk through the doors and take their seats in the Arena for years now. After changes in plans, designs, and owners over the years, many Red Bulls fans will probably have to pinch themselves on Saturday night when this is finally a reality. It's been a long time coming now, and the absence of the stars shouldn't taint the night.

Be sure to check back soon, as we'll have a comprehensive look at Santos FC as well as a full match preview.