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Once A Metro Live From Red Bull Arena

We're live from the press area here at the brand new Red Bull Arena, and the only word that comes to mind is "wow". This place is really all its cracked up to be, and a ball hasn't even been kicked on the pitch yet. The main thing you notice when you enter the arena is, in a great way, how small it is. It really seems like a hockey or basketball arena that's been stretched out to fit a soccer field. The roof that covers every seat does its job of encasing the arena and giving it a very intimate feel. Just a few minutes ago, the Empire Supporters Club and Garden State Supporters marched in and took their place in Section 101, and they are going to rock the joint. It's already loud.

Kickoff is about 40 minutes away, and we urge you to follow along on the Once A Metro Twitter page during the match, where we'll be doing commentary on the match. Of course, we also urge you to comment on the match here at Once A Metro while you follow along. We've taken some great pictures and we'll post them later on after the match. Until then, enjoy the game wherever you're watching from.