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Red Bulls To Host Juventus May 23rd

The Red Bulls announced today that they will host Italian powerhouse Juventus on May 23rd at Red Bull Arena. It will be the second (of presumably many) big-name international clubs to visit the new palace, and you can bet your bottom dollar that this match will sell every single of the 25,000 seats in the building. Juventus has a huge international following, and with the high Italian and Italian-American population in the metro New York area, this game will sure be a hot ticket. From the club's official release:

“Since opening Red Bull Arena, we have been committed to bringing in elite clubs from around the world to play in what we consider to be the best soccer-specific stadium in North America,” said Red Bull New York Managing Director Erik Stover. “With its storied history and multiple championships, Juventus certainly fits in with this vision. They are a prestigious club with a tremendous following around the world and we are excited to host them at our brand new home.”

These high-profile international friendlies are obviously for the fans, and no doubt, to make money and sell tickets. The scheduling of the match is not great from a Red Bulls standpoint, as due to the league's World Cup break in June, this match is sandwiched right in the middle of an already crowded fixture schedule. The Red Bulls will now play five matches in a span of 22 days before taking time off for the World Cup. The Juventus friendly fits between the Red Bulls midweek clash at home against the Columbus Crew on May 20th, and their trip to New England on May 29th.