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Grading the team: Defenders

Continuing from yesterday, today I will grade the New York Red Bulls Defense. The defense has been very inconsistent this year, as has the rest of the team. However, there are several bright spots that have shined so far and a couple rookies that will grow into fantastic players.

Chris Albright: I'm a Chris Albright fan. I may as well get that out of the way before continuing on. He has a pedigree of a winner and has been on three MLS Championship teams. If he can stay healthy, he'll be able to be a solid veteran locker room presence to mentor our young backs. He gets a B for his play so far this year.

Danliegh Borman: He's had a fantastic young player and has a very inexpensive contract. He's shown amazing natural instincts and has the ability to put the in play with an amazing ball. He's also been the the savior of a couple of near goals. I'm giving him a B+ with the hopes he matures into a great player.

Andrew Boyens: With not enough game play, I can't grade him at all. He did play well in his one open cup match though, I guess?

Kevin Goldthwait: Knock Knock. (Who's there?) Kevin Goldthwait. (Kevin Goldthwait who?) No seriously who is he? No Grade.

Jeremy Hall: He's been terrible on defense and a little better at the midfield. His play really depends on Dane Richards and at the end of the season if he can't figure out a position, he will be someone the team looks to get rid of. I'm going to be easy on him and give him a C+ with the hopes that in the time off he and Dane have worked together.

Rest of defense after jump....

Carlos Mendes: He has the definition of a roller coaster year. He led us to victory over Juventus and looked to have turned a corner into becoming a star for the team. Then he got two yellows against New England and can be seen as the reason for losing the game. He's working right now at a B/B+ but if he improves he'll end up as one of the future players the team can rely on.

Roy Miller: Roy Miller has international team experience as a member of Costa Rica's team. He has an ability to play all four positions in the back field as well as midfield. He's been solid when we need him and hasn't really burned us where I can point out where he's screwed up. He gets a B just for his versatility.

Mike Petke: Mike Petke is the team's heart and soul. He lives and breathes Red Bulls and it means the world to him that he's playing at Red Bull Arena. He started the season very well and looked to have revitalized his career. He was connecting with Tim Ream and the defense seemed to be a strong point for the team. Then his legs started to give out and he was playing sloppy. I'm giving him a B- because he is still the leader of the backfield and team.

Tim Ream: After an amazing April, he had poor showings in May and early June. His owngoal is the lowlight of his rookie career but he was inconsistent all May. He has great potential and will end up a member of the US National Team, he just needs to get some more play. He's a solid B and needs to start picking Mike Petke's brain.

Luke Sassano: His one chance to play and he gets a red card. D+.