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Week 12 SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings

Team Total vote count First Tier votes Last week's Tier
Tier 1 - Teams Contending For Cups
LA Galaxy 21 7 1
Real Salt Lake 21 7 1
Columbus Crew 20 6 1
Tier 2 - Teams Likely in the Playoffs
Colorado Rapids 17 3 2
NY Red Bulls 15 1 2
Toronto FC 14 0 2
SJ Earthquakes 13 0 2
Tier 3 - Teams On the Outside Looking In
Chicago Fire 9 0 3
FC Dallas 8 0 3
KC Wizards 7 0 4
Houston Dynamo 7 0 3
Seattle Sounders 6 0 3
Tier 4 - Teams Competing for #3 Draft Pick
DC United 2 0 4
NE Revolution 1 0 3
Philadelphia Union 0 0 4
Chivas USA 0 0 4

Again, with last week, our friends at Black and Red United have compiled the votes for the week 12 SBNhanced MLS Power Rankings. I'll give my thoughts after the break.

Starting from the bottom moving up. New England drops down to Tier 4. They've been incredibly inconsistent and with the DC win over Seattle, they are now just a point ahead. DC has moved up a spot because of the win over Seattle. Seattle has to be one of the more disappointing teams this year. They have the strongest turn out to games but unfortunately, people like winners. You won't maintain the high attendance numbers if you can't win.

Tier 3 sees Kansas City move up after a 2-0 win over Philly. Kansas City is always dangerous and has just been a victim of inconsistent play. They'll beat a team 4-0 then lose 3-0. It must be frustrating for players such as Kei Kamara and Ryan Smith who have been the sole bright spots for the team.

The Red Bulls move up solely because of Colorado tying Chicago and Salt Lake handing LA their first loss of the season. It must be nice playing LA when Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle are in South Africa for the World Cup. Unfortunately the MLS doesn't handicap teams for players in World Cup.

If you disagree with me, feel free to state what you would change.

EDIT: In the effort to provide full disclosure, here are my votes from 1-16 for the MLS power rankings.

1. LA Galaxy

2. Real Salt Lake
3. New York Red Bulls
4. Columbus Crew
5. Colorado Rapids
6. Toronto FC
7. Chicago Fire
8. Kansas City Wizards
9. San Jose Earthquakes
10. Houston Dynamo
11. New England Revolution
12. DC United
13. Seattle Sounders
14. FC Dallas
15. Chivas USA
16. Philadelphia Union

Now feel free to flame away.