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Well It Was a Fun Ride: New York Eliminated From USOC/Lamar Hunt Trophy

So I'm going to review this based on the live blog that the Red Bulls' official blog was running since as previously reported, this game was not streamed.

Mike Petke was the captain for the Red Bulls tonight. The Red Bulls had to be a favorite going into this game with the City Islanders sitting at 1-6-4 in USL-2. Connor Chinn received a yellow card for a hard tackle. If he wants to start gaining legitimate league minutes, he needs to watch this. It's becoming a pattern. Going into the second half the Red Bulls had the best opportunities for putting one in net.

The second half saw both teams attacking and placing very good attempts on net. From what I read, there was quality play from both sides. Sutton and Danny Cepero had a great second half stopping all shots. The Red Bulls out shot Harrisburg in the 2nd 8-5.

The game went the full 90 without a goal scored, and thus went into extra time. Going into extra team, it sounds like the most players were reaching exhaustion with cramping. The game ended when Dominic Oppong put it in net off a Sutton save.

Just like that, our USOC hopes are over. We lose to a 1-6-4 USL-2 team.