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Thierry Henry Made Official...What Should We Expect?

As most of us knew from the end of last season, the team signed Thierry Henry. The Red Bulls couldn't officially announce his arrival until the transfer window, so instead they were left with using unconventional means to hint at Henry. I have posted the videos they made, on this website, and they were very well done. They made a lot of sense if you knew of his arrival but watching them without having read any rumor mill, they'd be completely ineffective.

TH14 should make an immediate impact, he's a considered one of the top 100 FIFA players of all time, a list compiled by Pelé of the greatest living soccer players. He has a style of play that will be a nightmare for the defenders in the MLS, and as I have stated before in prior stories about Henry, pairing him with Juan Pablo Angel up front would create the most talented front line the team has had in its 15 years, at least on paper.

So now for the good and bad news, and what we should expect from this world class player...after the jump that is.

I'll give the bad news first, so we can end on a good note. The reality is this, Thierry Henry had the worst year of his career and was relegated to the bench in Barcelona and was not a starter for the French National Team at this past World Cup. Many international players come into the MLS at the tail end of their careers expecting an easy final couple of years for one last big paycheck. People are expecting the Henry that played for Arsenal but you could get the Henry who when given playing time on the field at the World Cup and proved completely ineffective. If he doesn't come out like JPA and play the full 90 to the best of his ability, he won't prove to be a difference maker.

The good news is that Henry comes in and on paper is the best player in the league. He is far more talented than anyone in the Red Bulls locker room and isn't just a goal scorer. He has the ability and field IQ to distribute the ball to Angel as having both attacking creates a nightmare scenario for MLS defenders. He will bring in a European style of play that the team only gets from Joel Lindpere and Angel, which would help our younger players adjust to a better style of play.

So there you go, TH14 is finally here and the team will definitely be better. Happy Bastille Day to everyone, especially Thierry Henry.