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Red Bulls at Columbus Crew review

That picture above sums up the way the Red Bulls played tonight at Columbus. I'm actually speechless by the effort the team put in during a game to decide who is on top of the East. As a fan I am embarrassed and every one of those players should be ashamed. With out even discussing the fact that this game could have provided us with some much needed points, it also could have been a decider on who remains in the starting line up now that Thierry Henry has arrived. Speaking of Henry, he traveled with the team for this game and I CANNOT imagine what was going through his mind watching tonight's match. I hate to use the word regret, but he most definitely regrets playing for a team which was unable to string together three consecutive passes in the first half.

I felt bad for Bouna Coundoul because it could have been a lot worse if he did not play as well as he did. The defense was abysmal, the midfield was in shambles, and Juan Pablo Angel was forced to play essentially as an attacking mid field leaving the most useless player in the Red Bulls line up Dane Richards as the sole striker. The team desperately needs a legitimate center midfielder which is rumored in the form of a Designated Player signing but until this happens, we will get beat up by teams during the months of August and September.

I will also provide full disclosure and say that I stopped watching the game non stop around the 60th minute and just would switch back every so often because of my disgust. If I find anything positive to say I'll edit this later but for now all I can say is that I hope the team decides to show up against Tottenham and Manchester City because if they don't they'll have lost any goodwill and interest created with the Thierry Henry signing.