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Wednesday Links 11/23/11

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A weekly collection of links to satiate your Red Bull (team, not the drink) cravings. And some other links of interest.

In a "I really want to be reminded of my favorite team's futility" mood? Look no further than this Big Apple Soccer piece about the American talent the team has let go. [Big Apple Soccer]

This off-season, you're going to be bombarded with "who should we keep"-type stories. You'll be hard pressed to find a more creative one than this one. [Empire of Soccer]

Juan Agudelo is one of many MLSers spending their off-season in Germany. Agudelo will train with VfB Stuttgart. [New York Red Bulls]

If you thought ESPN dumping John Harkes would be a step in the right direction, his replacement will be Taylor Twellman, which, depending on your opinion of him, is a lateral move at best. []

The "Beckham Effect" on MLS. [The Economist]

New USMNT shirt? []

Grant Wahl interviews Don Garber. Some stuff in there about the possibility of NY2. []