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Wednesday Links 11/30/11

A weekly collection of links to satiate your Red Bull (team, not the drink) cravings. And some other links of interest.

Canadian Sportsnet is reporting the Red Bulls will have their home opener March 25. Given the other dates, its almost certainly not their first game of the season. [Sportsnet]

Matt Kassel and Cory Hertzog are headed to the Netherlands with the Generation Adidas tour. [Washington Post]

Carl Robinson reflects on the alleged suicide of his Wales teammate Gary Speed. [MLS]

Interesting profile of Woodwork, a soccer bar in Brooklyn. The owner, as the story points out, is a Red Bulls season ticket holder and had Joel Lindpere over for a visit earlier this year. [Sabotage Times]

For what it's worth: Some guy at Forbes says Red Bull Arena is "among the best soccer-only facilities in North America." [Forbes]

More from the "For what it's worth" department: It didn't have a place in yesterday's post about the waived players, but Ives Galarcep, the guy behind Soccer By Ives, said John Rooney was only drafted as a favor to MLS. [Twitter]

Not a whole lot here that's relevant, but Robbie Keane on the perception of MLS abroad is interesting. [US Futblog]

While we're talking about the international perception of MLS, how about in Mexico? [New York Times]

How good is MLS compared to the rest of the world? Who knows! [ESPN]