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Oh, Wait, Maybe Backe Is Coming Back

Hans Backe has denied the Expressen report that the Red Bulls won't extend his contract.

Mike Stobe - Getty Images for New York Red Bu

If Hans Backe is to be believe... Oh, who am I kidding, one report has Backe saying he's going, another said he's staying.

Friday, Franco Paizio got a hold of Backe and his response was short...

"Don't trust them too much," Backe told on Friday before repeating himself. "Don't trust them too much."

Backe is in the final year of his three-year deal with the Red Bulls and the recent departure of general manager/sporting director Erik Solér has caused some to believe that new general manager Jerome de Bontin will not bring back Backe at season's end. While that may ultimately prove to be the case, Backe is adamant that a decision on his future has not yet been made.

"No, no, no, no, not at all," said Backe. "Absolutely not."

So there you go. A lot of negatives in there and a string of four "no's."

It sounds a bit like he's back tracking, although it's entirely possible both reports are right. There might not be an offer on the table and Backe's plans right now are to move back to Sweden in December. It's also possible the team hasn't sat down with him and told him he's not coming back, that it's just his gut feeling.