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Holgersson: Kort och koncist, stanna eller lämna

For those who don't read Swedish, that's "short and sweet, stay or leave."

Mike Stobe

Newly minted Defender of the Year Markus Holgersson has been blogging at Swedish website Alltidfullsatt, or Always Crowded, about "life as a pro and the New Yorker" according to an English translation of his tagline.

His latest post is about the home stretch of the season and the gut-wrenching loss to D.C. United in the conference semi-finals. He goes on to reveal some interesting information about how new management runs things...

The day after the defeat had each one, individually conversation with these three and found out their future. Short and sweet, stay or leave. Here the work is different, and many players have contracts with options. An option which mainly controls the club. To this the new organization as the club puts a new standard and kicks people without knowing what they mean for the team.


It seems to me to kick players and try to bring in new will take extra time. In the group, we get to start over and find our new locations and roles, sensing the mood, what is right or wrong. With the squad we had today, we have come a long way, I think without having reached all the way. But to completely rebuild from scratch again and destroy the group built will take a long time to get into the right group dynamic phase that works and allows the team to a machine. Almost a full eleven have been told that they are not welcome next year, and add thereto a new coach to come in.

Thank you, Google Translate.

Some questions in there for sure. Who are "these three?" Jerome de Bontin and Andy Roxburgh are certainly included, but who could the third be? Darren Dein? Interim Head Coach Mike Petke? Were the ten players who did not have their options picked up the only ones to get this sort of treatment? Is Holgersson still in the team's plans?

You get the sense, too, that this isn't what Holgersson signed up for. Clearly, Hans Backe had faith in his countryman, as he lead all Red Bull defenders in starts and appearances, even when fans were calling for him to ride the bench. The big Swede paid Backe back with a huge performance in the season's final game. All that raises another question: With Holgesson's apparent frustration, does he want to be in the team's future plans?