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Le Toux: Leaving So Soon?

Apparently Henry's new partner up front has already made plans for next year.

Mike Stobe

Our SBNation colleagues over at the Brotherly Game are reporting that Sebastien Le Toux -- who is somehow Hans Backe's choice up front with Thierry Henry -- is at the very least in talks with the Philadelphia Union, if not signed, sealed and delivered for 2013.

Le Toux is, apparently, one of a myriad of offensive targets for the Union for next season. Scott Kessler, the man behind the blog, has two sources on the matter. One says that the deal is basically done. The other said the two sides were still talking. It's also no secret that Le Toux still pines for Philadelphia, either. He spoke highly of the organization after the Red Bulls' season finale that so unceremoniously axed him earlier this year.

All this while Le Toux is getting tapped for starts over the league's second highest scorer.

Not that Le Toux doesn't have a bit of a case. He doesn't seem to be the same player he was in Philadelphia with the Red Bulls and he's often played in less-preferred positions in the midfield or out on the wing. He's also getting paid roughly $169,000. With that price tag, it's unlikely that the Red Bulls would've brought him back, anyway. But it's not as if they aren't cutting him paychecks.

If the Union want Le Toux, and Le Toux wants the Union, this could've waited, right?