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#RafaWatch Day 3: Leon President Praises Marquez, Slim in New York to Close the Deal?

We'll know soon enough if one of the worst designated player signings in league history is over. Apparently.

Andy Marlin

Day 3 of #RafaWatch brings us the much-needed and some more chatter from the Leon side of the deal..., liked to in yesterday's #RafaWatch, reports that "there is good feedback" on a deal for Marquez and that the deal is expected to close today or tomorrow (just like Monday a deal was expected to close Monday or Tuesday...).

They also report super-rich Carlos Slim, who we noted yesterday owns a chunk of the Liga MX club, is in New York trying to get a deal done, though they make it seem it's in Major League Soccer's hands at this point.

In other news Leon President Jesus Martinez told The Record today that (as translated by Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer) the team should know within the week whether or not Rafael Marquez will be joining the team, but was non-committal otherwise.

"The subject of Rafa Marquez is a very important one for Leon, but we don't have anything concrete yet," he explained. "Due to different circumstances, I can't tell you where negotiations stand because I don't want to harm anything that could happen. It is a very important option for our team. Without question, there is an important approach regarding the services of Rafa Marquez because of what he represents for Mexican Football and what he can bring to Leon.

"Anything can happen," he continued. "That is why I don't want to talk about the issue as to not harm it, but we are talking and we hope something materializes and hopefully we reach an agreement."

Other positive news: Leon seems to be buyers ahead of the Calusura kick-off, brining Nery Castillo into the side. It doesn't seem like a huge move, but Leon seem to be trying to bolster their club ahead of the second-half and Copa Libertadores.

Again, the Red Bulls, according to Martinez, offer "no comment."