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Ok, Maybe McAllister is Going to be the Red Bulls' Boss

After a period of doubt, some sources have McAllister "in" as coach for the Red Bulls.

Michael Regan

There was a time when Gary McAllister assuming the vacant Red Bulls coaching role was a given. Then, it wasn't.

Evidently, there was some internal discussion about whether or not the Scot was the right way to go if Ives Galarcep is to be believed.

Now, McAllister is the frontrunner again, though implying he's somehow now back in the frontrunner position would mean someone else was there in his absence which doesn't seem to be the case. Whatever. Anyway, Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer has it off "multiple league sources," with one source saying McAllister will be named as early as next week.

And McAllister seems receptive to the idea. A story from the Scottish Sun says he's got offers in Australia with Sydney FC, where he'd manage Italian legend Alessandro Del Piero, but prefers New York.

I'll let McAllister take it the rest of the way...

"It's very flattering to be mentioned in connection with the job, but nothing has been settled.

"But it would be a life-changing opportunity if it happened and it is something that would greatly interest me.

"I have had a couple of approaches in recent months, one from Australia and a couple of projects in the lower leagues in England.

"The game is thriving in the USA. David Beckham did a fantastic job in putting the sport on the map there.

"You see guys like Robbie Keane and Thierry Henry going across and keeping that aspect of it going. I know Robbie has been a real success there.

"New Jersey is a real football hotbed and the standard of the MLS has improved."