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Kimura, Espindola, Olave Deals Official

The Red Bulls announced the completion of the two deals mentioned here yesterday.

George Frey

This afternoon, the Red Bulls officiallly announced the deals for Kosuke Kimura, Fabian Espindola and Jamison Olave.

The news of both deals broke yesterday (our post about Kimura here and Espindola/Olave here) but the teams needed to wait until the league's transfer window opened today to solidify the deals.

In exchange for Kimura, the Red Bulls send allocation money and the homegrown player rights to University of Akron defender/midfielder Bryan Gallego to the Portland Timbers. In addition to Kimura, the Red Bulls also get a second round draft pick, which, as of right now, is their only draft pick.

Kimura, as we noted yesterday, was out of contract. As per the team, he inked a new deal today.

In the release, Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh said Kimura would "provide depth in the fullback position" and that "his MLS experience will be a great asset for us" which makes the move seem like one for depth.

According to Soccer By Ives, the Timbers also waive the $75,000 fee the Red Bulls would have to send Portland's way for re-signing Kenny Cooper.

For Espindola and Olave, their acquisition from Real Salt Lake seems a little more straightforward and the deal was made official later this afternoon. The details seem don't seem any different than what we linked to last night.