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Henry to Stick Around the Emirates?

Come on Arsene...
Come on Arsene...

Most of the time, when a reporter puts words in a source's mouth, it's just annoying. But sometimes, it can be interesting.

Such a thing happened last week when Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was asked about keeping Thierry Henry around for longer. Wenger told reporters, "I haven't looked at it ... Maybe the maximum possibility we have is two more weeks."

While that isn't a definite by any means, Wenger did speak highly of the striker, who scored a tack-on goal in Arsenal's 7-1 drubbing of Blackburn Rovers this weekend and another in Arsenal's FA Cup tie with Leeds United, and his effect on the team.

"How much (influence he's had), you can never give a percentage, but he was very positive and everyone takes his advice on board because he has delivered here and they want to deliver, too," Wenger said of Henry’s loan spell. "He is respected and he was very positive."

Henry is slated to come back stateside Feb. 15, after Arsenal takes on AC Milan in a Champions League tie. He'll be back in time for the Red Bulls' preseason tie with Pumas UNAM.