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Lindpere Goes the Full 89 and the Rest of the Bulls in International Play

Joel Lindpere went the full 89 for the Estonian national team Wednesday after the game was called a minute short due to safety concerns.

According to reports, Estonia's 2-0 win over El Salvador in LA was called after Salvadorian fans started throwing stuff at the linesman in retaliation for a perceived bad call.

Funny, the throwing stuff isn't included.

As for Rafael Marquez, he played centerback for Mexico in their 2-0 loss to Columbia in Miami's Sun Life Stadium (do yourself a favor and skip forward 15 seconds and avoid the ad).

Juan Agudelo, out of camp because he's training with the US U-23 team, played 67 minutes and scored in the US's convincing 2-0 win over Mexico at FC Dallas Stadium last night.