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Clarity in the Luke Rodgers Visa Situation, If You Can Call it That

It's probably in Luke Rodgers' best interest the Red Bulls don't go running their mouths about his visa situation to anyone and everyone, but their attempts to convey something -- anything -- about what's going on is getting pretty awkward.

On Thursday, presumably after Rodgers' meeting at the U.S. Consulate, the Red Bulls released a vague statement that characterized the meeting as "positive" and a "step forward" despite lingering "issues to be addressed."

Now, this in the New York Post from Erik Soler, who you have to respect for his attempt at transparency:

"Let’s say Oct. 15, 2010 he got a visa, and before arriving here, let’s say like four weeks there was a small matter -- not a police matter, it was not reported, because it wasn’t reported it was not a police matter, it didn’t concern anybody,’’ said Soler. "Nobody thought about it so he didn’t speak about it.

"When they do their back-tracking, it’s reported somewhere – not by the police, but somewhere else – and they say 'Oh, you should’ve told us this.’ That’s approximately what the matter is. It was nothing criminal just something they think they should have known, and as they weren’t told they are making things more difficult.

"Nothing serious, nothing big but because he had this other thing they thought he should have said it. That’s why it’s taking more time. I don’t think it will stop him from getting a visa, it just takes more time.’’

It's also made clear that it is not the result of Rodgers overstaying his visa.

So after Rodgers got his visa in 2010 something that did not involve the police happened and was not reported, because no one thought much of it and the State Department is now picking up on it?

Sure. Why not? At this point, it's anyone's best guess.