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Wednesday Links 3/21/12

A weekly collection of links to satiate your Red Bull (team, not the drink) cravings. And some other links of interest.

Juan Agudelo films Kelloggs commercial in Hoboken. []

If the Red Bulls and the LA Galaxy were to make it to the MLS Cup final the result, using one game as a sample size, would be dreadful. [Soccer America]

Red Bull Arena was a waste says guy who couldn't even be bothered to look at a schedule and find out the Red Bulls opened on the road. [New Jersey Newsroom]

Ryan Meara: Not excited to take his calculus midterm. [Twitter]

Part 2 of's all-access series on the Red Bulls. []

MLS is doing pretty good north of the border. []

Chris Heck's March mailbag. [New York Red Bulls]