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It's Do-or-Die for Luke Rodgers

Come on State Department. How can you say no?
Come on State Department. How can you say no?

Jack Bell over at the New York Times is reporting that today we'll know whether or not we'll see Luke Rodgers in red and white this season.

Erik Soler told the Times:

"The way I understand it is that we’ll either get him quick or we won’t get him. Hopefully, it will be quickly. This is something we’re very unhappy about. We’d love to have him back. He had a great season and injected some vitamins into the team with the way he works."

By vitamins, Soler means the majority of the team's wins. When Rodgers was out midseason with a heel injury the team went 0-2-4.

Rodgers, who netted nine goals in 2011, initially heard he was going to get his visa and took to Facebook to celebrate. As it turns out, Rodgers jumped the gun and his visa still had work to be done on it.