Updated Castrol Index Shows Big Gap for New York Red Bulls


The new league-wide Castrol Index numbers are up and there is both good news and bad. Thierry Henry is at the top of the list with fellow Red Bull Kenny Cooper listed at number five. Considering the number of goals the two have put away that's no surprise. However, the index is missing any other New York player not only in the top twenty-five or fifty, but only Rafa Marquez comes into the mix in the top one hundred at a lukewarm 94th. For those unfamiliar with the Castrol Index, now in its second year it "tracks every move on the field and assesses whether it has a positive or negative impact on a team’s ability to score or concede a goal." How does New York stack up against some of the strongest teams so far this season? Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake have a total of nineteen players in the top one hundred (ten and nine players, respectively).

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