Why Henry is the Man, part 2


The second of what I hope will be a long series... Nevermind that the team won the game 4-1, and never looked in trouble. Nevermind that he's got 7 goals and 4 assists on the season, that he's been the only player on the team with consistent quality in all 5 games this year. Forget for a moment that he's a living legend who's won almost every trophy and honor his sport has to offer, and who has a friggin statue of himself outside the historic club where he's the all-time leader in goals. You should forget all that, because he seems to. And maybe that's part of why he's great. The great ones make it look easy because they want it so bad and work so hard to get it. It's not only the individual accomplishments, but the fact that he wants more from himself and everyone else that makes him the Man.

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