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I'm Running Out of Even Remotely Creative Ways to Title These Injury Posts and the Season's Only Half Over

Maybe this guy gets the armband tomorrow night?
Maybe this guy gets the armband tomorrow night?

As we noted yesterday, Theirry Henry isn't going this weekend and that, most likely, Rafael Marquez wouldn't either, but now we know, thanks to Big Apple Soccer's Kristian Dyer, the two won't even make the trip. And neither will Jan Gunnar Solli.

Teemu Tainio, Jose Angulo, Heath Pearce and Markus Holgersson round out the injury report, as per the game notes.

This doesn't bode well for the Red Bulls ending that whole decade year long losing streak in Foxboro this weekend against the New England Revolution.

But, hey, stranger things have happened this season.

Feel free to speculate on the line-up in the comments.