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Xabi Alonso to the Red Bulls?

According to a Spanish journalist, it's how he wants to end his career.

Jasper Juinen

Evidently, Real Madrid midfielder and World Cup champion Xabi Alonso has the rest of his career planned out.

After his contract is up in June, Alonso isn't interested in the Premier League or Serie A or Ligue 1 or any other European league. He wants to come stateside for two years -- to either the Red Bulls or the LA Galaxy, naturally -- before finishing up his career with Real Sociedad, the club he started his career with.

That's what (well followed) Spanish sports reporter Pipi Estrada told Punto Pelota, a soccer-centric television program in Spain.

Previously Alonso had been connected with Liverpool, where he spent five years in the mid-2000's, but that's mostly blog fodder at this point.

As usual, this is one of those take-it-for-what-it's-worth deals. Alonso is almost certainly planning a move, as he's 31, his contract is almost up, and he can't play forever. That's likely compounded by the fact he's in touch with is mortality while rehabbing an injury. Also, the Galaxy and the Red Bulls are, usually, the only two MLS teams our European friends can name. And since the Galaxy have all three of their designated player slots filled, and it seems Alonso and his agent haven't given that much thought to his future beyond a wish list.

But anyway, if Head Coach Mike Petke wants to play a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3, Alonso would be perfect, slotting in right next to Dax McCarty and allowing Tim Cahill to push forward into a more natural role.

And not to add fuel to the fire or anything, but the Red Bulls refused to comment on the story. Do with that what you will.