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Supporter Shield Roundup: One More Win?

The New York Red Bulls hung onto the Supporter Shield lead with a 3-0 win over Houston. How can they secure their first trophy this week?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

First off, wow, who saw 3-0 coming? I certainly didn't. Let's get right into it with the current standings.

# Club Pts Wins GF
1 New York Red Bulls 56 16 53
2 Sporting Kansas City 55 16 45
3 Portland Timbers 54 13 49
4 Real Salt Lake 53 15 55

As you can see, it's a really tight race for the Shield in the last week of the season with 4 teams within 3 points of each other. Now, the simplest scenario for the Red Bulls to clinch the shield is to beat visiting Chicago, who may or may not be fighting for their playoff lives depending on how Saturday plays out. While a win clinches the shield for NY, it is possible for them to obtain the #1 overall seed without a win or even a draw. Before I describe how, here's the match-ups for the other three shield contenders.

  • 10/23: Real Salt Lake - Chivas USA
  • 10/26: Sporting Kansas City - Philadelphia Union
  • 10/26: Chivas USA - Portland
Obviously, with Chivas playing both Portland and Real Salt Lake, they are pretty much guaranteed to win. I mean, no shield contender can lose to lowly Chivas, right? Anyway, here's what would need to happen for NY to clinch without a win:

  • Salt Lake loses or draws with Chivas USA
  • Sporting Kansas City loses or draws with Philadelphia
  • Portland loses or draws with Chivas USA
If all three were to happen, NY would be tied on points with Sporting KC, but would win the tiebreaker on Goals For, unless KC happens to make up the 8 goal difference. Since most likely all three teams will win their games, New York will be the center of attention at 5:00 PM Eastern on Sunday, at the same time as the New York Jets - Cincinnati Bengals game, which thankfully isn't being played in New York. This team showed they could handle the pressure in Houston last week. Can they show it again in front of their fans? We'll see.