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The Curse of Caricola: Why Everyone Is So Hyped For Sunday

MLS Insider takes you on a little trip down memory lane. A trip a few of you would probably rather sit out.

If you're a newer fan, or on the outside of Red Bulls fandom looking in, you might wonder why we've made such a big deal about Sunday's game against the Chicago Fire.

Yes, the Supporters' Shield is on the line, but there's more to it than that, and this week's MLS Insider took some time to explain why: Some of the biggest names in the sport have passed through Giants Stadium and Red Bull Arena, be it on the field or on the sidelines, and the team has nothing to show for it.

Some fans have traced the team's futility back to its very first game, against the New England Revolution. Late in the game, veteran Serie A defender Nicola Caricola, in an attempt to clear the ball after a Tony Meola save, chipped his own goalkeeper, scoring the game's lone goal and handing the then-MetroStars a 1-0 loss.

The team was cursed from then on. Or so they say.

Probably the most interesting part of the video, is that Caricola actually makes an appearance. Caricola only ended up playing one season for the MetroStars before calling it a career. He'd eventually move to South Africa and get into the coffee business.

Based on his answers, whether or not Caricola knew about the eponymous curse or not is up for debate, I suppose. If only to add to Sunday's mythology, I hope he was completely ignorant and that, somehow, only his knowledge of the curse can end it's supernatural grasp over the team.

You know, Halloween is coming up and all that.