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Legendary British Sprinter, Thierry Henry, Olivier Giroud (Supposedly) Leak Arsenals New Kit

How's that for a headline?

Bear with me for a second, because this is going to take some explaining.

The Red Bulls' 2-2 draw this weekend against the New England Revolution is their last game for more than two weeks. Evidently, Thierry Henry, as he's wont to do, hopped on a flight across the Atlantic to London -- where he once planned on building a 40 foot tall aquarium in his home there -- and dropped by his former club, Arsenal.

Once there, he, apparently, met with legendary British sprinter Linford Christie and current Gunners Bacary Sanga and Olivier Giroud. Then, he and Giroud threw on Arsenal gear for 2014-15, Henry in a jersey and Giroud in a jacket, and took a picture. That picture made it's way to Christie's Twitter, where it stuck around long enough for the media to get their hands on it before it was deleted.

How do we know it's new Arsenal stuff (or at least prototype Arsenal stuff)? Well the North London club signed a 5-year, £150 million deal this past May with Puma, ending a 20-year relationship with Nike. Both the jacket Giroud is wearing and the shirt Henry has one have the Puma...puma opposite the Arsenal crest.

Hey, Henry, at least Amando Moreno waited until the afternoon before the jersey unveiling to steal his team's thunder, instead of ruining the surprise roughly six months out.

So, uh, what do you think, Arsenal fans?