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Red Bulls Cut Carney, Barklage Loose

Seems like its out of left field, but it makes sense.

At least we'll always have this...
At least we'll always have this...
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Looks like the Red Bulls have parted ways with David Carney and Brandon Barklage.

The news broke on Twitter a little while ago, courtesy of Michael Lewis and Big Apple Soccer, and the team confirmed a few minutes later.

It seems a bit surprising. Barklage was a popular player, despite falling out of favor toward the end of the season, while constantly locked in a position battle with Kosuke Kimura. Carney seemed confident he'd be sticking around, finally finding work as his journeyman soccer career finally brought him to MLS.

Barklage is eligible for the re-entry draft, while Carney is eligible for today's waiver draft, per the team.

In a statement, Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh called them both "top professionals" whose tenure on the team came down to salary cap considerations.

While that might seem surprising, consider the following: Only two playoff teams had more goals against than the Red Bulls, who gave up 41. Additionally, Head Coach Mike Petke identified outside backs as a need heading into 2014.

That said, cutting ties with Barklage makes less sense than Carney. Barklage was only pulling in $65,000 in base salary, with $71,428 in guaranteed money. He was also fourth on the team in assists with five. He'll almost certainly be picked up by someone.

Carney makes a bit more sense. He was making six figures -- $144,000 base and $167,000 guaranteed -- and didn't prove any better or worse than Roy Millerwho the Red Bulls want to bring back. With his ability and salary requirements, its unlikely Carney gets picked up by another MLS team.

Anyway, at least we've now got an answer about who's staying and who's going.