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Report: Madrid See Alonso as a Lost Cause

The reports of Alonso signing a new contract have been greatly exaggerated.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Roughly a month ago, we linked to a story from the Daily Star, citing reports from Spain, that Xabi Alonso had reupped with Real Madrid.

Well, if Marca is to be believed that isn't quite the case. In fact, Real Madrid sees the midfielder as a lost cause and that there's a 90 percent chance Alonso departs Madrid on a free.

Although Real should by now be in the final stretch of negotiations with the player regarding his renewal, the club insists that as yet Xabi's agent, Iñaki Ibañez, has not even sat down with the club to put forward an offer.

"We have neither spoken about money, nor seasons, nor anything, as there have been no negotiations", they insist at the club. It is the precisely the player's shyness to sit down and listen to an offer that has convinced them that the Basque has no desire whatsoever to stay.

Emphasis Marca's.

Marca reports that Madrid is set to offer him more to stick around, but the decision isn't about money, "but something more personal."

Does that mean his desires lie in New York? Probably not. But maybe!

Again, I'll recite what the team and league sources said when he rumors first surfaced: That is, "no comment" and "not likely right now." That, and when the story first surfaced, no one said anything to dispute it.

Don't hold your breath on this one, but if you're feeling like there's some hope, you're not alone.