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You've got until 3 a.m. to help out the only site dedicated to the U.S. Open Cup.

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A few months ago the guys over at launched an indiegogo campaign to help them grow their site and expand coverage of the country's oldest soccer tournament.

Early tomorrow morning, at 2:59 a.m. to be precise, the drive closes.

You can read the entirety of their plea here, but from a Once a Metro-centric standpoint, that site has proven invaluable in researching the Open Cup for stories here and contributing to my northwest-inspired rage last spring/summer. The tournament, whether you love it, hate it or are completely disinterested in it, is really unique in American sports (even if it's not such an oddity elsewhere) and no one covers it like they do.

The Cup turns 100 next year. The site keeps the history of the Cup alive. Kicking in a few dollars is more than worth it if the tournament and the history of the game interests you in any way.