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This is the Red Bulls New Jersey

A "literal rookie mistake" and Amando Moreno ruins tonight's jersey unveiling.

Thanks, Amando!
Thanks, Amando!
Jennifer Stewart

Tonight, the Red Bulls will unveil their new 2013 home kits in a special Red Card holder event.

For those of us plebs who don't have red cards, we'll have to wait until...well, really until the twitpics start rolling in from the event to see the new kits.

Or, at least, we would have if it weren't for 17-year-old rookie striker Amando Moreno's tweet/Instagram post showing off the back of his new shirt. The tweet and picture were taken down pretty quickly, but this is the internet and once something is here, it's here forever. Thanks to Dave Scimeca for screencapping Moreno's post.

The jersey itself isn't that much different than what we posted here last month, it just seems the red splotches under the arms are smaller. The new font lock-up looks much better on the actual kits, too. Oh, and for you sponsor logo measurers, the Red Bull logo looks roughly the same size as last year (though, someone will always swear it got bigger).

Your thoughts?