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There IS a game against DC Saturday... Some Mid-Week Personnel News

Peguy Luyindula? Rafhinha? Juninho? Lloyd Sam? We've got news on all of them.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Roy Miller continuing his streak of moronic behavior, life does go on for the Red Bulls.

Most pressing for the team is the game Saturday. It's against the team's most hated rival, D.C. United. Perhaps you heard about it. It's the home opener. It's kind of a big deal.

Anyway, some personnel tidbits before practice gets any closer...

Juninho Questionable

Head Coach Mike Petke said today that unless Juninho is 100 percent and ready to go 90 minutes, he likely won't play Saturday. Petke said he'll make a decision tomorrow.

Luyindula Will (Probably) Sign

According to the New York Post's Brian Lewis, Petke is really liking what they're seeing from former PSG man Peguy Luyindula. The price, too, is "phenomenal" for a player many suspected would only come over for designated player money.

Petke said he was "leaning towards" signing the striker, though, no other details were available.

Rafhinha Gets His Visa

Rafhael Domingues tweeted today he got his visa and that he's headed back to New York. Late last month he tweeted he had signed with the team.

Lloyd Sam Has To Get Back in Shape

Lloyd Sam -- remember him? -- is still with the Red Bulls. According to reports from Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer, he's got an issue with fitness. Either that, or a preseason run-in with Petke where Sam waived off the new boss, is keeping him on the sidelines. Either way Sam, according to Petke, needs to get to a satisfactory "mentality level" to put Sam in the gameday 18.