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The Red Bulls' Forward Shuffle

A lot of personnel news, and it all happened up front.

Mike Stobe

So the Red Bulls two best forwards aren't in great shape.

Thierry Henry, despite theories suggesting otherwise, is still nursing the MCL injury that took him out of last week's game in Montreal. Fabian Espindola tweaked his hamstring during the closing moments of Tuesday's practice.

That means both of them are touch-and-go for Saturday's match-up with the Philadelphia Union.

With the two out, the Red Bulls are rendered a bit thin up top. Peguy Luyindula, who had a good game against the Montreal Impact sans finishing, will likely get the start, but who joins him is up in the air. If the Red Bulls go with the 4-4-2, all that leaves is Amando Moreno, who Head Coach Mike Petke was iffy about starting last week due to his age, or Josue Martinez, who's looking more and more like a bust.

But wait! There's hope! Fan favorite Luke Rogers, formerly visa-less, said earlier this week he wants to come back to MLS, and preferably the Red Bulls. He says he's got all his visa issues sorted out and that he's finally ready to return. And he's not far from a stint with Shrewsbury Town.

So a match made in heaven, right? The prodigal son returns to Red Bull Arena, the fans finally get to chant "He's short, he's white, he loves to f$%king fight," and the Red Bulls get a pretty solid striker. It works for everyone and everyone's happy.

Maybe not. This evening the Red Bulls announced they've traded for Colorado Rapids forward Andre Akpan. Going the Rapids way is a conditional 2015 MLS Draft pick and out the window any hope Rogers will make a return to New York.

And then there's this...