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Is It Time to Press the Panic Button?

We need you, Thierry.

We need you, Thierry.
We need you, Thierry.

With the seventh week of the 2013 MLS season approaching, the Red Bulls urgently need to find their form. A 1-3-2 record with a -3 goal differential provides a stark contrast against the high hopes that Red Bull fans and pundits had at the beginning of the season. Whatever it is- insufficient individual performances (cough-cough-*Roy Miller*-cough,) a lack of team cohesion, poor fitness- needs to be sorted out by head coach Mike Petke, whether it means giving players that extra push on the training ground, or benching them for consistently inadequate performances.

But then again, there's more to it then just the record. Factor a bit more statistical analysis, and there are some glimpses of hope. The Red Bulls have completed two trips out to the West Coast within four games away from home, which leaves only a remaining three cross-country trips throughout the entire season. On top of that, with the completion of the trip to RFK Stadium, the Red Bulls face five of their next game at home. We all know how dangerous the trip to Red Bull Arena was for conference foes last year.

Moreover, it's really ultimately up to Petke's attitude and what he instills in the players. Players like Eric Alexander might not have the skill sets that others do, but they sure do have the tenacity to leave a lasting impression. So with that, when is it time to panic? Should we wait in eagerness for a string of home games, or immediately after the next loss? And if that painful time eventually comes, is a team remodeling session in the cards, or does Petke stick with the current crop of players? We'll have to see if they can put it together...