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Red Bulls Supporters to March With Traveling Revs Fans Saturday

The three Red Bulls supporters groups are set to honor the victims of this week's Boston bombing along with the traveling Revolution support.


There's not much we, as an out-of-town sports blog, can say about the events in Boston this week.

Suffice it to say, it's been a difficult week for those in the Boston area and a surreal week for the rest of us. What started with an event that brings Bostonians out just as the weather warms up -- the Red Sox play at 11 a.m., in time for fans to see the weekend warrior marathoners finish one of the world's most famous races -- ended with an eerily deserted city.

It's with that backdrop that the Red Bulls take on the Revolution Saturday night.

This afternoon, the Red Bulls announced they would honor the victims with some changes to the pre-game routine...

Leading up to the match, the South Ward supporters - Empire Supporters, Garden State Ultras and Viking Army - will be marching into Red Bull Arena alongside the New England Revolution supporters, displaying the banner that they used during Wednesday's match (pictured above).


The MLS Anthem, heard in Arenas throughout the league as players enter the pitch, will be replaced this Saturday by The Standells' "Dirty Water," a song that has a direct tie to Boston sports, specifically played after every Red Sox victory at Fenway Park.

Additionally, the Red Bull Arena Color Guard will fly the Boston flag as part of the match procession.

Allegiances aside sports is one of those things that can serve as a respite from tragedy. Hopefully Saturday's game gives the traveling fans (of which, there will be many) a break from this week's events.