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New York Cosmos Won't Be the 20th MLS Team. City? Maybe.

The league is still moving forward with a second MLS team in New York. It just won't be the Cosmos.

They'll always be on the wrong side of the Hudson to me...
They'll always be on the wrong side of the Hudson to me...
Mike Stobe

So this happened this evening...

And so did this, courtesy of Jonathan Tannenwald at

I've talked with multiple sources and have been told that the owners of English Premier League powerhouse Manchester City are now once again in the lead to take hold of MLS' 20th franchise.

And (last one, promise) so did this...

So this is interesting. Of course, Man City have a ton of money, so maybe this might grease the wheels on the stadium that New York politicians aren't particularly that thrilled about. Then again, we don't need another farm team in MLS (especially since MLS has been yielding good value for EPL teams).

I'm no fan of a second New York team* -- or, more accurately, Don Garber's headlong rush to put a team in his home borough -- and it's late, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

But I will leave you with this: Maybe MLS has fallen victim to the sunk cost fallacy.

*I'll be honest: I do think a second team in New York would be a good thing. Down the road. Should the Cosmos prove popular and profitable. But not a second sooner.