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Dax McCarty Plays Bingo For Fun

And other revelations from his first blog post.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Like many a player, Dax McCarty has a little blog over at These blogs vary by quality -- the writing is almost always awkward, but the insight falls onto a spectrum -- but Dax's is kind of interesting. In his first, he introduces himself and opines on his move from Jersey to the city.

Or, as he calls it, "taking his talents across the Hudson."

Take it away, Dax...

I haven't looked back since. I love everything about living here. If you can't find something fun to do on a daily basis in a city like this, you should probably just retire from living in populated areas and become a farmer or something. Just the other day on our team's day off, Heath Pearce, Connor Lade and I decided to see what type of trouble we could get into.

In the span of about five hours, we had a ping pong tournament at Spin NYC in the Flatiron district, a shuffleboard tournament at Fat Cat in West Village, snacked at a local taco truck off Seventh Ave, and finished off with dinner and bingo (yes, bingo) at Tortilla Flats near the Meatpacking district. All in a day's work!

Read the whole thing here.