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An Apology of Sorts is in Order

When the season was still in its infancy, I called for the head of Roy Miller. After back-to-back good performances, something of an apology is in order.


After Roy Miller turned from human into train wreck right before our eyes, singlehandedly losing the Red Bulls against the San Jose Earthquakes, I wasn't too nice to him. I called him a waste of money and a waste of an international slot and said the Costa Rican was more than an early season kink to be worked out, but a constant source of problems. I hadn't been necessarily kind to Miller in the past either (ok, fine, that trend extended into today).

Bu after his last two performances, something of an apology is in order.

Miller took a break, got snowed on in the blizzard game between the U.S. and Costa Rica in Colorado and rode the bench for a few games before coming back. Against D.C. United. On the road. And turned in a good performance. He's featured in every game since. And every game, save the one against Sporting Kansas City, has been a good showing, by both Miller and the team at large.

That's not to say the harsh word spouted about Miller were, well, wrong. But I will admit that my initial reaction after the San Jose game erred closer to the hackery I derided in the post than not.

Not that Miller's absolved himself completely. But with Mike Petke's attitude toward practice and games, it's more likely the left back finds his way to the bench with a dip in performance. I hardly expect Heath Pearce and Connor Lade not to jump all over a chance to overtake him.

Admittedly, I'm nervous putting this out there. Even after a fine run of form, there are still nerves that he's going to implode once again. Truthfully, it feels like it's sooner, rather than later. But based on what I wrote about him before, Miller deserves some kind of pat on the back. So good job, Roy, and keep it up.