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You Guys, Reading United is, Like, Super Pumped For Next Week

Reading United has put out a promotional video. For an away game.

Reading United is an Premier Develoment League team. Their roster is stocked with college players. They're part of the Philadelphia Union's labyrinth-like youth system. They play at a high school. Their schedule is filled with such footballing powerhouses as the Westchester Flames and the Central Jersey Spartans.

That doesn't mean they're not all hot and bothered about their Open Cup third round match-up with the Red Bulls next week. The guys behind Reading United set up a bus to the game with VERY limited seats, for the low, low price of $50. And as an added bonus, they put together the video above.

Guys, they're going to write their destiny next week. Seriously. I mean, look, they've scored goals before. And one of them can do backflips. And there's fire there in the end.

Then again, they did beat the Harrisburg City Islanders for the right to make the trip to Harrison. So maybe I should be taking their threats more seriously...