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Oh, What's That? The Red Bulls Have the Highest Payroll in the League?

You're surprised?

Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

This week, the MLS Players' Union released salary information for all the league's players.

For MLS bloggers, this is sort of like Christmas, since it's one of the few chances you get to explore the financial side of things, which the league likes to play close to the chest.

I plan on doing a deeper dive into the Red Bulls' payroll this week, but a little bit of information to whet your appetite: The Red Bulls are paying a little more than $10 million in salary to the current roster. A little less than $2 million more than fellow 1%-ers the LA Galaxy.

This story over at Sounder at Heart takes a look at the league as a whole, and it's worth a read. For a more Red Bulls-centric take, check this space.