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Red Bulls Open New Training Ground

The Red Bulls opened their new training ground today and we have a sneak preview. Kind of. But not really.

Mike Stobe

The Red Bulls opened their new East Hanover, N.J. training ground today, complete with two grass fields, a turf field, some offices, dressing rooms and training rooms.

Mike Petke called it "world class" and opined about the difficulties of training at Montclair State University.

But aside from Petke's comments, the media won't be able to check the place out until tomorrow. Unless, of course, you've got the clout of the SBNation blog network on your side. In which case, you can take pictures players and the team have thrown on social networks and pass it off as a sneak preview. Which is exactly what I'm about to do right now.

First, from the Twitter account of Ian Christianson...

Look at that grass. So green.

You want to see the boys on the field? I've got the boys on the field..

Then, two photos the team uploaded to

Owly Images

Look at that corner flag.

And lastly, the entrance, which I probably should've started with, but whatever...

Owly Images